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Are you currently a nature guide, or have been a guide in the past? Do you have quality wildlife photos or video footage simply being stored on a hard drive that nobody ever sees? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you to gain exposure and earn extra income while giving back to nature conservation.

Quality canvas prints and digital downloads of your photos can be offered through our eCommerce platform. Our video channel then also has over 1.2K subscribers and close on 3 million views and is frequented by agents sourcing material for Nat Geo, Discovery and the Smithsonian Channel. Footage from our channel has appeared in no less than 8 productions to date, one of these being the most viewed documentary on the Smithsonian Channel for 2016 (view here).

The founders of this platform, Greg and Kelly Coates, spent over five years working at lodges in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa which is well known as one of Africa’s finest photographic safari destinations. It was here that they realised that photography has become an essential skill for nature guides, however guides do not often have the time nor the necessary tools to expose their materials themselves which is what lead to this platform being created.


  1. You get exposure on a professionally developed and managed platform
  2. You can achieve extra earnings through the eCommerce capability of the platform
  3. We promote your materials and handle all the logistics around sales and services for you
  4. You have total freedom where you are not locked into a contract period
  5. Your materials are copyright protected and you retain full rights to your materials
  6. We do not require exclusive use of your materials
  7. You receive complimentary business cards (20) to enable you to promote your own materials
  8. You get total transparency with automated notifications of when a sale has been made
  9. You get a summary of sales and earnings
  10. Photographer registration is free

Photographers interested in joining the NOSTALGIC AFRICA IMAGERY community are invited to submit a portfolio of materials using the submission tool below or by emailing a portfolio of low res images (max total 5MB) to While we acknowledge that a photographers material has personal and often emotional sentiments, we reserve the right to have the final decision on what materials are accepted and displayed on the website. Please do not take offense if your materials are not accepted on the first attempt, and please  do continue to submit new material as your portfolio grows. Applicants should browse the image and video libraries on this site for an example of the kind of content  that is currently of interest.

Accepted photographers will be issued with a username and password with which to login and complete a profile before their materials are displayed. Photographers will be required to agree to a representation agreement which can be viewed here. Photographers receive 60% of the profit generated from the sale of a product using their materials. The NOSTALGIC AFRICA IMAGERY community of photographers are passionate about wildlife and it’s conservation and therefore all photographers are implored to be proactive by voluntarily pledging a small portion of their earnings (10%) from this platform to Saving the Survivors.  This is done automatically for you if selected on your profile.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

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